Porto to Lavra

It is good to be back on the Camino. I arrived at Porto Cathedral at 9am to collect my credential and have a look around inside. There was a small queue of pilgrims that quickly moved.

I took my time, to take in the artwork, decorated painted walls, the stone masonry and the elaborate alters. I climbed the tower to get views of the city.

As I exited I met a pilgrim called James from London, who is walking the coastal route. As I would be starting on the same route we walked together.

From the cathedral you descend to the river and follow this to the coast. There was light cloud cover and the sea breeze made it perfect for walking.

We passed under the many bridges that connect Porto to Vila Nova and out to the lighthouse that marks the entrance to the sea break into Porto.

I had a walk out to it, enjoying the cool sea spray. From here I could see down the coast where I spied a bar. Perfect as it was time for lunch.

After fuelling up we continued along the promenade, crossed over a port and joined a wooden board walk. This was the terrain for the remainder of the day.

After stopping for a drink at another beach side bar, we made it to our destination. Turns out it isn’t an albergue, it is a campsite with glamping pods!

After showering and chores we had dinner at a local restaurant before retiring for the night.

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