Mos to Arcade

Two turigrinos had set their alarm for 5am then proceeded to make breakfast waking everyone up in the albergue. It had gone 6 and they were still chatting away and clinking cutlery.

I decided to get packed and hit the Camino. I was out the door by 7 and dawn still hadn’t arrived. It reminded me of the predawn starts on the Frances route last year.

It felt good to be walking in the cool morning air, which I was thankful for as it was a constant incline for nearly 3km. Then the descent into Redondela was brutal. I stopped at a little albergue for breakfast, before tackling the drab town.

Redondela is where the coastal route merges with the central, thus it is a hive of pilgrims. Most were the Turigrinos.


I pushed on through the town and up out into forest paths. Through the woods the sound of bagpipe music was playing. A busker was perform to the passing peregrinos.

Another steep decent and I arrived in Arcade for 10.30am. We had no choice other than to stop here, due to how busy the Camino is now. The albergue didn’t open until 12.30, so I had a wander around and waited for the my friends to arrive.

While I was milling around I met Kim who had been at the albergues in Vitorino and Labruja. We stopped for a beer before she moved on to her stop, only 2km away. So I invited her to join us tonight.

Once booked into the albergue, showered and chores done, I had a beer at a bar opposite and waited for my travelling companions to arrive.

Once they did I had the pilgrims lunch with them and relaxed for the rest of the day.

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